Sunday, February 17, 2013

Details… Details… Details…


TMI Thursday’s is a sensation that is sweeping the nation. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Sean at Just a Jeep Guy, which inspires participation from a number of my fellow bloggers including Cubby, Loki, Kelly, Buddy Bear, Nate, and Erik.

This past Thursday the list of questions was an extensive list of sexual activities and conquests. You can take a look at my answers HERE. Be warned, it is Not Safe for Work… or narrow minded religious bigots.

A couple of my commenters have wanted details about certain questions. Far be it from me to deny my legions of fans. If you want to know more about certain items. Post their numbers in the comment section below and I will answer them as candidly as possible.


  1. My reaction to reading your TMI answers was, “Wow! He's been a busy boy!!” I am wondering about the details about the following:

    12 been in a threesome?
    59 coworker?
    69 used a vegetable?

    1. 12) Me and two chubby chasers I found on Growlr. I've met both of them individually since. The event was a perfect storm that hasn't been repeated.
      59) A guy I worked with was a tall, furry bear of a man who had apparently had a nice piece of meat in his pants. I say apparently, because he had a prominent bulge and was fond of wearing sweatpants on weekends or in off hours. We worked together frequenly when others werent there. We were both married at that time, but as we got to know one another I learned he liked crusing the same park I frequented. A little bit of flirting and he was flashing his impressive schlong. The first time we had fun was off site, but over the coming months there was some exchange of fluids in the back room.
      69) When I was a closeted gay, without access to toys. I found that puting a condom over a small zuccini had the desired effect.

  2. 17, 31 and 44 definitely. Tell you what, you give me details and you name the three of mine you want explored, and wel'll swap.

    1. 17) One of my regular partners and I snowball frequently. It's really hot with him. But I had it go horribly wrong with a young partner who started gagging. It was a really mood killer.
      31) It was just like a porno... my female roommates fiance came over while she was gone. He hung out for a while waiting for her. He was getting irritated that she wasn't there, because apparently he thought she was supposed to be. I asked him why he was so irritated a couple times, he finally told me that he really needed to blow a load. I told him to go into the bathroom or her room and take care of it. He told me that he really wanted her to do it... more time passes, he's still whining. I told him that I would do it to help him out. He says, "dude, are you gay". I say, "no, it's just bro's helping each other out" and "my cousin and I used to do it all the time". More time passes... he calls me into her room and he's laying there with a huge piece of lumber. I took care of him. He cleaned up and left. As far as I know, he never told anyone about it. he came by from time to time for some relief, even after my roommie and him broke it off.
      44) In a park bathroom, we had just finished and we came out of the same stall just as a guy was coming in. He knew something was up and asked what was going on. Nervously, the guy I juse blew said, "nothing, why?" The way the guy answered led us to believe he was looking to play too. I had to go, but I left two guys alone in the bathroom.

      On yours, I want to hear more about... 12, 44 and 59

    2. 31 - damn that's hot. And you are right, straight out of a penthouse forum letter but I think much more common than people realize. I love that he came back for more - aren't guys awesome dogs? Thanks for the morning chubby:)

    3. JT - my details to the numbers you requested are I'm my comments section.