Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, I never!

h2D815B59I’m really having a good time with this band of blog buddies…
This one was wantonly stolen from Nate at A Buckeye in Virginia, Cubby at Patently Queer, Jim at Jim’s Stuff and Buddy Bear at One Step at a Time.
I remember a game similar to this (I think we all do) from back in my reckless youth where one member of the group states something they’ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they drink. If only one person drinks, then they have to tell the tale.
So, in order to make this work in the blogosphere, leave a comment swearing that you’ve taken a shot, tell what you drank and share a story of one of the things on my list that you’ve done (capice?)
  1. …been to Disneyland
  2. …seen ET (the Spielberg movie, not the “celebrity news” show)
  3. …participated in BDSM
  4. …been arrested.
  5. …been filmed having sex.
  6. …ice skated.
  7. …paid for sex (well, there’s child support).
  8. …jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft.
  9. …been intentionally pierced.
  10. …participated in an orgy of sexy bloggers (although, it’s on my bucket list).
  11. …succumbed to a stupid dare (a triple dog DARE).
  12. …danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.
  13. …stepped foot in Delaware (drove straight through both ways without stopping)
  14. …had sex with a famous person (as far as I know).
  15. …kissed a girl, until I married one.


  1. I really love this meme.

    Let's see, I've done...
    #10 (There was one guy in the group who wasn't a blogger, but I'm counting it. I hope someday I'm lucky enough to be in another blogger sex party.)

    I've done only two from your list? That's hard to believe! I can't get drunk on TWO! What are you doing to me?!!

    1. I'm sure that given the chance, I could come up with some items to get you appropriately plowed.

  2. Amazingly, I've only done two things on your list.

    #6: Growing up in the Great White North, we ice skated as often as possible but much preferred doing it in a wilderness setting on some vast northern lake or secluded pond. I also played organized hockey until age 14 and then quit when it became too violent.

    #15. I probably only kissed one girl, once, before I married my wife at the age of 28. That should have been a huge red flag right there about my unacknowledged gayness.

    1. Canadian's are the coolest and most lucky people in the world. I wish I were Canadian. I've seriously looked at the process it takes to emigrate. It's not that hard when you have a desireable degree and resume.

      I knew about my gayness... I was trying to hide it.

    2. Thank you! My Canadian citizenship is one of my proudest possessions. Yes, immigration to Canada is achievable especially if you speak English and don't have any chronic illnesses so as not to be a burden on the health care system.

      A prospective immigrant must be able to contribute to society so it is important that he have some education, work experience or skills, particularly in the skilled trades where there's a huge shortage.

  3. 1. Disneyland. Yes. Many times while I was growing up.
    2. ET. Loved the movie
    5. Filmed sex. My partner and I filmed ourselves once and once while with a couple. I just asked that they not show my face or post it online with my name. ;)
    6. Ice skated many many times.
    8. Skydived once and would love to do it again!
    10. Orgy; yes. with bloggers; no.
    11. I've heard and had to act on way too many "Double Dog Dares". One involved dancing on a stripper pole!
    12. Danced with many devils outdoors in the moonlight! ;)
    13. I've dug my toes into the sands of a Delaware beach! Many times.
    14. Famous person sex. Once with a MTV VJ in Vegas in the early 80s. Not a really big celebrity... does that count?
    15. I kissed a girl and I liked it! When I get drunk I get straight curious.
    I was drinking a shot of chocolate rum! Now I'm buzzed!! :)