Thursday, February 21, 2013

TMI Thursday: I just want to go to sleep

Gary in BedSean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it (The ones I know about are listed in the sidebar). 565440_10151460124728833_2126441820_n


  1. What do you wear to bed?
    * Nothing
  2. Who or what sleeps with you at night?
    * Reuben (l) & Ms. Cleo (r)
  3. Do you like a cold room or a hot room?
    * I like the room to be a bit chilly. In the winter, I have the furnace vents blocked and the window is open. In the summer time, I have fans blowing on me; when the nighttime temp is in the 70’s, It’s still not enough.. 
  4. Lots of blankets or just one?
    * In the winter, I have an IKEA duvet (pictured with the kitties), a regular blanket, and a quilt in reserve. One day I hope to have a bear to snuggle with regularly; maybe I wont need as many blankets? In the summer time, I have to have at least a sheet.
  5. Do you hog the blankets?
    * When I was a closet case, my wife and I shared a bed, but not blankets (I wonder what went wrong?). The regular bed partners I’ve had since haven’t said anything, but then we liked being close to one another.
  6. What size is your bed and what kind of mattress is it?
    * I have a Simmons® queen sized mattress.
  7. Do you eat in bed?
    * Well… not FOOD. insomnia-green-guy[3]
  8. What kind of sleeper are you?
    * I used to be able to say that I was a heavy sleeper who didn’t have any issues. Over the last year, I’ve become an insomniac. I’ll sleep for an hour or so, then wake without being able to fall back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Occasionally, if I’m stressing over something, I’ll have to operate on 1-2 hours.
  9. What is under your bed?
    * The same thing that’s under your bed… Monsters!


What won't you do in bed?

  • Peel potatoes
  • Repack the bearings on a hub.
  • Eat BBQ ribs
  • Anything with a woman
  • Have a board meeting
  • Talk about med side-effects
  • Ask “Is it in yet?”
  • Set off fireworks… figurative ones are always going off.



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    1. I would be happy to talk to you about that one personally. ;-)

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    RE: Men in Motion Comment
    You did know that that guy is Bradley Cooper?