Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stealing: Randomness Pt. 2

** Part 1… HERE.

21. What’s something you’ve always wanted?
* I’ve always wanted to be normal. In my quest for normal I’ve done some pretty self-destructive things, some of which have affected others. As I have acquired wisdom, I have come to the realization that normal is what you make it. My motto is “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Some days I say that to myself as a mantra and sometimes I just say, “fuck you, bitches”. hot-1

22. Do you have hairy legs?
* Sadly No.

23. What does “Semper Fidelis” stand for?
* Always faithful… it is the Marine Corps motto. Don’t mess with me. I’m trivia savant!

24. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake?
* I don’t swim.

25. Do you wear a lot of black?
* Black is a basic part of my wardrobe. I look good in black, but it’s not like I’m Johnny Cash.

26. Describe your hair:Fear Factor
* Brown & White… I think the white has moved into the majority. I keep it short, buzzed in the summer.

27. Do you have Entomophobia?
* I don’t squeal like a schoolgirl at the sight of creepy crawlies, but if they are in my house they should expect to die.

28. Are you an adult?
* I have a job and I pay taxes… getting older is mandatory, growing up is optional.

29. Do you own or rent?
* I rent my home, I own my car. 480086_10150950982607077_804285876_n

30. Do you have a tan?
* It’s January in Oregon… no.

31. Are you addicted to TV?
* I'd like to say no, but there are times when I get cranky if I don’t get to see my programs, like The Rachel Maddow Show.

32. Do you enjoy spending time with your In-laws?
* When I was married… no. They are the prototypical rural, conservative, redneck, teabaggers. Even my kids tell me the X’s don’t like me very much. Which indicates their feelings about their faggot ex-son in law is not much of a secret.

33. Are you a sugar freak?
* No, salty snacks are my downfall.Larry-King_1

34. What happened to Larry King?
* I believe he retired to the life of a curmudgeon.

35. What sign are you?
* Cancer

36. What do you wish on your birthday?
* That maybe next year someone would remember it. Seriously, there’s something about my birthday that makes it entirely forgettable. The most noted historical events of July 8 are… Francis Gary Powers was charged with espionage for his U2 flight over the Soviet Union in 1960 and the Dow Jones hit its lowest level (41.2) during the Great Depression in 1932. Notable birthdays… Nelson Rockefeller, Anjelica Huston, Toby Keith, Jaden Smith and Kevin Bacon.

37. Who did you copy this from?
* From the Sunday Stealing site.

38. Do you eat breakfast?
* Usually either a bowl of cereal or a yogurt. If I’m running late, I grab the yogurt so I can eat at my desk. Princess-Diana

39. What would you name the royal baby?
* Strangely enough I’ve given this some thought. I am hoping that the Duchess of Cambridge has a girl and her name will be Diana.

40. Do you buy a newspaper?
* I subscribe to the local rag when The Boy is playing football so that I can collect articles chronicling his awesomeness. But generally, I buy papers when the feeling strikes me. One of the “signs I’ve made it” financially will be the ability to regularly subscribe to a paper.


  1. I love your mantra! The, “fuck you, bitches” one, of course! I tell people to "fuck off" at least twice a day...sometimes I even tell them aloud!

    1. Yeah, my boss has mentioned that sometimes others can hear me when I'm muttering fuck, fuck, FUCK!

  2. Ha! This is the best steal I've read so far.

    Have an awesome week and tell them bitches to sod off!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Scudds. Have a good week.

  3. I LOVE your site! Glad I 'stumbled' onto it! Have a great week!!