Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogging Challenge 22: Three Wishes

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I am determined to complete this challenge before I hit its 2nd anniversary in April.

I do a lot of driving for my job, one of the exercises (yeah, we’ll call them that) I do to occupy my mind is “What if?”.

  • What if you won the lottery?
  • What if you were a college professor?
  • What if you moved overseas?
  • What if you had a boyfriend?
  • What if your ex-wife died?

I will conjure up the scenario that leads up to the event; what am I doing, what preparations need to be made, what will my reaction be. Then I begin weaving the tale in my mind what happens once the event occurs. Not everything is shiny and happy, sometimes dire events occur… what will I do? Aladdin-Lamp

The “Three Wishes” scenario uses the same rules the Genie lays out in the Disney classic, Aladdin.

  1. I can’t kill anyone
  2. I can’t make anyone fall in love
  3. I can’t bring people back from the dead
  4. No wishing for more wishes

For regular readers of this humble blog, you know that I love estate sales. This scenario begins at just such an event. I’m browsing through the closets and baskets of someone’s recently departed grandma when I find a decorated incense burner. It tickles my fancy (everyone should have their fancy tickled from time to time) so I buy it and take it back to my humble apartment. It is placed on a shelf until some later time when I’m dusting, it is knocked from its perch. I notice there is an engraving around the base, and as these things happen, I rub the article to get a clearer view of the engraving. The required smoke begins spewing from the lamp and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Genie!

The Genie gives me the aforementioned rules and I ponder my options. After an appropriate pause; I don’t want to seem like I’ve put too much thought into this, I give my answer.

  1. An eternal ATM/Debit card – This little number will allow me to draw upon a bottomless account. Good for shopping, dining, traveling, gift giving, and of course paying the bills of life.
  2. Impeccable health – I shall live a good long life without a sniffle, ache or pain.
  3. Wisdom – I shall have the uncanny ability to avoid assholes, make the correct choice on where to go, when/how to spend my money and on whom, and how to live my life so as not to gamble with the blessing of good fortune and health.

As I have given this many miles of thought, I think I have teased out any potential pitfalls which are common in the human condition so as to gain the most enjoyment for myself and those closest to me. If you can conceive of any issues, please let me know. Because I really enjoy shopping at estate sales.

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