Friday, January 11, 2013

TMI Thursday(ish): Fresh & Clean

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it.

  1. How often do you shower or bathe?
    * I shower everyday, sometime more than once if I’ve exercised or need to wash the day away.
  2. When do you like to shower?
    * Showering when I wake up seems to invigorate my senses. Even on the weekends, I may not shower until mid-morning; until I do, it seems like I’ve got a coating of ick that needs to be scrubbed off.
  3. Describe your shower (or bath) routine.
    * Nothing special… I brush my teeth as the water warms. I get in the shower, get wet, rinse out my mouth with the warm water (a habit I got into long ago), I put the shampoo in my hair, soap down, rinse from head to toe and exit. This process can be anywhere from 5 minutes to the time it takes the hot water to run out.. depending on how rushed I am.
  4. Do you like to shower or bathe with you S.O.?
    * It’s a great idea in theory, but not in practice as the person away from the showerhead gets COLD. I love “bathing” in a Jacuzzi with my SO (when I’ve had one).
  5. Shaving: what, where and how often?
    * I shave my face on workdays, unless it’s a time that I’ve let my beard grow out. I trim “the zone” to keep things less jungle-like… there are other optics at play as well (wink).
  6. Do you shower at the gym or wait until you get home?
    * When I had a gym membership, at first I would shower when I got home. Once I had lost a significant amount of weight and I began feeling better about myself. I began to shower at the gym. Plus, it gave me a chance to check out the gorgeous guy who had been lifting while I was doing cardio.
  7. Before having sex do you like to be freshly showered? Ripe? Perfumed? How do you like your partner?
    *Showered is nice. Some musk is OK, but there is a line. I love the smell of a man who knows how to wear a nice cologne, especially as he walks by in a public place.


Sex in the bathroom: Shower, Bath, Hot tub, Public?
* Sex in every room of the house/apartment is a good thing.
* Sex in the shower is problematic due to the hot vs. cold thing. But there have been opportunities.
* Sex in the bath/Jacuzzi is… VERY nice.
* Sex in public… as a guy who lived a closeted life for many years. I have, like many closeted men had my share of rendezvous after tapping my feet in mall bathrooms, brushy areas of parks and in the back of vans. There is something dangerous and exciting about those encounters that I miss a little bit. But since I came out, it lost much of its appeal.


  1. Our answers are very similar. Especially the bonus question.

    1. ... great minds.

      Thanks for your inspiration Sean.

  2. Great answers! Though, admittedly, it took me a few to move on past the yummy image to your answers. ;-)

    1. Yes, he was rather distracting even as I was writing the post.