Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014: The Year That Was–A Report Card

The new year is ten days old… time to wrap up 2014 and set some new goals for 2015. 2014-2015-calendar-hero1

I posted my goals for 2014 on January 12th… HERE. The report card is as follows.


  • To participate in local physical events that benefit causes I’m passionate about. Up first is The Climb on April 12th to raise awareness of bullying, self-harm and suicide prevention. – I attempted The Climb, but only made it about 1/4 mile up the mountain. I also attempted a couple other 5k’s with increased success, finishing both of them. Also, I started “running” in June. I enjoy it, mainly because it’s easy to push myself to make it to the next corner or driveway. I’m following the “Couch to 5k” program. I use an app that has me running/walking in circuits to increase stamina. (Grade: B)
  • 1935957dTo purchase and use a bicycle. – Didn’t happen. (Grade: F)
  • To look Damn Sexy like Chris Pratt (good lord! look at him!). This picture is from the amazing 2014 movie Guardians of the Galaxy. If you didn’t see that movie, perhaps you know him as the woofy Andy Dwyer on the NBC show, Parks and Recreation? – Didn’t happen… at least not in 2014. I was somewhat consistent with exercise, but not enough to post shirtless selfies. I’m hopeful for 2015. (Grade: C)
  • GRADE: D


I know that I will never find the man of my dreams as long as I’m damaged goods. I need to feel good about myself and be the person with whom I would want to be in a relationship. Over the past five years, I haven’t had much luck finding the right guy, and it seems I was the common denominator in all those failures… wherever you go, there you are. – Oh boy did I pick a clinker this year. A three month “relationship” that took that long mostly just to get him out of my house after I let the lust of the initial connection overpower my senses.

  • Maybe if I looked more like Chris Pratt and less like Chris Farley? – Getting better, but still not ready for shirtless selfies.
  • Be confident in who I am and live a life with no regrets. – I hooked up with a couple guys that were possibilities for something more mainly due to my increased confidence that lead me to actually talk to these guys. The Clinker was a 6’6” black man with a smokin’ body and the mind of a sociopath.
  • Leaving the negativity of the past and embracing the possibilities of NOW. –Live and learn. Mr. Right is out there somewhere… Excelsior!
  • I feel that if I were more involved in LIFE, Mr. Right will find me. So I will get up and get out and participate. – Onward and Upward. As long as I take care of me, he will find me.
  • Grade: F … lessons learned, but the goal was unmet.


At work, 2013 ended filled with optimism. I participated in a Leadership Project with The Agency and my annual performance review commended me for participation in that Project and in taking on several optional duty assignments. 

  • Continue to perform my duties and those voluntary duties with professional excellence.
  • Position myself to take advantage of advancement opportunities. – I won a promotion that began July 1st!
  • Take opportunities to be a valuable member of the team.grade_d_minus_0
  • GRADE: A

Overall grade for 2014 – D

This is better than I did in 2013… F

Perhaps I’ll get it right by the time I turn 50 in 2019?

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