Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday 9: Your Mama Don’t Dance

1) This song is about how the older generation often doesn't understand what the younger generation is up to. Do you keep up with trends?

  • Chasing after trends is the sign of someone who doesn’t know who they are. I spent too many years not being my true self.

2) This song was in the top 10 in 1972, which is also the year HBO was introduced. Do beavisyou have any premium cable channels?

  • I have way too many channels. Every time I call Charter to change my service, I end up with more channels that I don’t watch. I read an article the other day that says the average American has 189 channels, but only watches 17 of them. I have HBO so I can watch Game of Thrones, True Blood, Newsroom and Bill Maher. I have Showtime so I can watch Homeland. I need to have a steel spine and close some of these services.

3) Mother Winters taught Sam how to kill the lingering food smells in her microwave (take a bowl of water, add a few drops of vanilla extract, and heat it in the microwave). Do you have any useful household hints to pass along?

  • If you have a baking sheet with baked on stains; sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the surface, cover in water and let sit overnight. Wash the sheet the next morning and it will be sparkling clean.

4) The French word for "mother" is "mère." What other French words do you know?

  • I tool a year of French in college, I can count to ten and ask where the library is located.

5) Flowers and plants are popular on Mother's Day. How is your yard or garden? Is it green and/or blooming?

  • I live in a 2nd floor apartment. The landscaping outside is flourishing. I do miss having a space to exercise my greenthumb.

6) Mother's Day is a big holiday for card shops. So are birthdays, weddings, and St. Patrick's Day. Hallmark sells greetings for everything from "Congratulations on Your snoopyNew Job" to "Happy Retirement." Who received the most recent card you bought?

  • I gave Valentines to my girls.

7) Have you put away your winter clothes yet?

  • As I have lost a considerable amount of weight, they weren’t put away.. they were GIVEN away.

8) Mother Winters used to scold Sam for leaving her dirty dishes in the sink. Sam admits it: as a grown up, she's still a bit of a slob. Do lean toward "neat" or "messy?"

  • I must confess that I tend toward the neat end of the spectrum, but not in and OCD sort of way of course… lol

9) To celebrate Mother's Day, Sam is giving away candy bars. Would you prefer classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate with almonds?

  • Given the choice, chocolate with almonds please.

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  1. I could have written the same answer about the cable company. I've got to steel myself and call them! I think it's very sweet that you sent your girls Valentines.