Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 9: Too Close

Saturday 9: Too Close

  1. This song is about a friendship that turned romantic ... and it doesn't end happily. Have you ever crossed that line with a friend? If so, how did it work out? -- It hasn’t turned out well… it got awkward and then lost contact with one. In another it became all about the sex and we rarely did the things we used to enjoy as friends.
  2. hueyWhen he was a kid, this week's singer, Alex Clare, listened to his dad's Stevie Wonder records. When you were in 7th/8th grades, what music were you into?-- In 1982-83 I was very much into the music of John Mellencamp, The Cars, Human League, Huey Lewis and REO Speedwagon.
  3. "Too Close" has been featured on the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Do you enjoy shows/books/movies about the supernatural?-- I’ve enjoyed Anne Rice’s Vampire novels, but generally I like good old fashioned cops & robber murder mysteries.
  4. Some of Alex Clare's tour dates were sponsored by Bud Light. Do you like beer?-- I am proud to say that mass market piss “beer” hasn’t passed my lips since 2007. deschutes5Coming from the great northwest, I enjoy GOOD beer… Deschutes is my favorite.
  5. Mr. Clare trained to be a chef, just in case the music thing didn't work out. Are you a good cook? -- I’m told I’m a damn fine cook.
  6. Crazy Sam (the mistress of this meme) is forever running out of mayo because she slathers it on her sandwiches. What is currently on your grocery list?-- Oatmeal, Milk, Cheese, Bananas, Cat Food, Vodka, Gin and Toilet Paper.
  7. Where are you most likely to find spare change -- between the sofa cushions, in your jeans as you toss them into the washer, or under the floor mat of your catattoo_fund_jar_candy_dish-rbf2cd52130ee4bd8a48627c219f718ce_2ih7l_8byvr_512r?-- All the above. I even pick change up off the ground. Every penny counts. I put all non-quarter change into a Tattoo Fund Jar. The quarters go into the laundry jar.
  8. How did you spend your Friday night -- working late, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying a quiet night at home?-- Home watching the TV… as per usual.
  9. Do you use Pinterest?-- I have. But I only have time for so many addictive websites in my life. So I don’t currently use that service.


  1. Great playlist! I think I have stuff by all of them loaded onto my iPod--well, maybe not Human League. I love 80s music!

  2. We have similar lists although, mine would include dog food :)

  3. Great playlist--that was high school for me. :-)

  4. "So let me go or make me want to stay." From If This Is It on Sports. That song reflected how I felt about the guy I was with at the time. Funny how songs can take us back.

  5. Anne Rice is a favourite author of mine too, although I thought Tom Cruise was a crap choice for Lestat in her 1994 film.