Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Checking in

Sean has written asking how I was doing, I must admit that it has been a while…

I have intentions to post frequently about life, and especially progress in my weight loss journey. In short, I’m doing fine. The surgery has completely healed. I am still learning there are things I cannot eat.

I have attained a milestone in my journey…. drum roll, Anton… I’ve lost 100 lbs!

I am now going to do something I’ve never done… publicly reveal my shirtless self. Make sure you aren’t eating or drinking…. (yes, I know you can see it already).

This was taken in October 2013, weighing 405 lbs.


And here is today… 305 lbs.

March 2014



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! An amazing milestone that needs to be celebrated. Truly inspiring!��

  2. Most Excellent! I'm so glad it was just the blogging blah's and life and not any complications. You look and sound great. Keep it up!