Monday, February 17, 2014

The more you know…

Parts of this are laughable…

Your result for The Gay Cliques Test...

The Daddy

35% Twink, 64% Bear, 70% Daddy, 47% Cub, 51% Otter, 50% Pup, 62% Muscle_Pup, 62% Wolf and 43% Gym_Bunny!


You are The Daddy. You are perfect husband material. Based on your hair color, there is a possibility you fit into the sub-catagory Silver Fox. Normally tall with average to little hairiness, your dominance and manly charm rub off onto those around you. You frequently dominate the gay world with your charming personality. Your looks only get better with age, and you try to attract the attention of younger boys who have daddy-issues. When you were younger you were probably a Pup, Otter, or Wolf. You are attracted to Wolfs, Twinks, Otters, and Pups. Normally not other Daddies however, as they are you competition.

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  1. Weird! Did you ever read the book Bear, Otter and The Kid? Its a somewhat X-rated story about two gay guys (but also a really nice family story about a guy raising his little brother, which is why I read it) but their nicknames are Bear and Otter. I never realized their names actually meant something!

  2. Are you feeling as good as you're looking? =]

  3. Hey...checking in to see if everything is okay? Hope you're doing well and just taking a blogging break.