Thursday, October 3, 2013

TMI Thursday: How do you like…

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it

How do you like_____?

  • giantcoffeecupYour coffee?
    • If I have GOOD coffee (i.e. Starbucks, Stumptown, etc.) I like it black. If I have general coffee (SBC or Millstone) then I use Hazelnut creamer.
  • Your sandwich cut? In half, square or diagonal? Crust or no crust?
    • Diagonally
  • Your tea?
    • Iced – Lipton, Hot – Earl Grey
  • Your alcoholic beverages?
    • Good Microbrews or Gin & Tonic
  • Your ice-cream served: cup, cone, soft or hard?
    • I like the occasional soft-serve, but my favorite is Tillamook Chocolate-Peanut Butter… in a dish, or a cone… on in a box with a fox.
  • Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?
    • I like keeping it short, if I go beyond 6-weeks between haircuts, it feels uncontrollable.
  • razrYour cell phone?
    • Android – Motorola Razr HD
  • Your computer?
    • Laptop – Dell Studio
  • Your web browser?
    • Confession time… I use MSIE 9 and don’t find the issues that people generally joke about. I use Chrome at work because our computers operate on Windows XP.
  • obama-startledYour car?
    • I currently drive a ‘99 Subaru Outback.


  • Sex Position? How often? Mild or wild? One or more?
    • Bottom
    • Not nearly often enough
    • I’m open to new experiences as long as everyone is having fun

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