Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday 9: You Belong With Me

This version is MUCH less annoying

Saturday 9: You Belong with Me

  1. Like the boy in this song, have you ever been in love with someone, but was afraid to tell them?
    * Yes
  2. Taylor Swift has been known to write songs about her real-life lovers. If you were to write a song about the most recent person you were romantically involved with, what would the title be?
  3. Ms. Swift recently turned 23 and has already won VMAs and AMAs and Grammys. What were you doing when you were 23? (If you aren't 23 yet, where do you see yourself when you hit it?)
    * I was 23 in 1992/93… I was living in a christianist ghetto (attending a Christian university and working at a Christian bookstore). By mid-93 my program of self-hatred was complete when I married a woman who was/is a cruel, malevolent shrew. il_570xN_422070046_i72p
  4. When you were a child, did you sleep with a plush toy? (If yes, please include its name in your answer.)
    * My favorite stuffed toy when I was a child was a Mr. Peanut. Currently on eBay ones like it are going for between $15-29, I called him “Mr. Peenee”. 
  5. I'm making a Starbucks run. What can I get you?
    * I’m really liking their current “special”… Hazelnut Macchiato.
  6. It was 60 years ago that Clarence Birdseye first marketed frozen vegetables. Now it's your turn: Share something you learned recently.
    * Did you know that when a flock of sheep are sheared, they don’t recognize each other and will fight for a few days to re-establish hierarchy?
  7. In junior high, were you class clown, teacher's pet, a geek, a jock ... or did you just melt into the background?
    * I wished I could melt into the background but I was a fat kid with ADHD so I drew the attention of tormenters.
  8. Was your most recent ticket for parking illegally or was it a moving violation?
    * I was cited for “Failing to yield to a control device” in December 2009. 
  9. Tell us about the last museum you visited.
    * I went to the Velveteria in Portland, OR… a museum to the history of velvet art. It has since closed, but it was really kitschy-cool.



  1. I love all your answers! Mr. Peanut is too adorable. That museum looks like a delight. And I haven't heard Lookin' for Love in years. It was a great song.

    1. For some reason it is the song that always comes to mind when asked to describe my romantic endeavors.

  2. I love this meme and you're great answers! I know you won't mind if I "borrow" it.

    1. It is one of the reasons I am trying to get it posted earlier so you can maintain the title.

  3. Urban Cowboy was on cable the other night. I couldn't do it.... :)

    1. The movie is pretty lame... but the song works.