Thursday, March 28, 2013

TMI Thursday: Oooh Scary!


  1. Do you scare easily?
    * I’m pretty aware of my surroundings, and can be a bit “jumpy” when I’m concentrating very hard or exhausted; it comes from being raised in an abusive home (thanks dad). That being said, I’m wary of strange noises. As I live alone, I do not watch movies that put ideas in my head of a homicidal maniac coming up the stairs.
  2. Do believe in ghosts, spirits, etc?
    * No
  3. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
    * I was unable to finish watching The Ring and Stephen King’s It creeped me out so bad that I cannot focus on this post for too long due to the snarling clown above.
  4. Are you scared of things lurking under the bed?
    * I have “under-bed totes” with blankets and such in them. No room for monsters.
  5. Do you look in the backseat before you get into your car?
    * No, but I will for a while now that you mention it.
  6. What's the scariest actual/real event you've experienced?
    * I was in a single-vehicle rollover accident in 2005. I still have occasional flashbacks of the sight of the landscape rotating outside my windshield, the glass shattering then not being aware of anything until it all had stopped and someone was shouting at me from outside. I was broken, bleeding, in pain, I couldn’t feel or move my left arm and I was pinned inside my truck which was laying on its top. I am amazed I survived that scene.
  7. Do you have nightmares?
    * Very rarely… my life is a bit too real on its own.
  8. Do you have any phobia's such as heights, bugs, dogs or cats, flying, etc?
    * Phobias are an unreasonable fear, my fears are very reasonable… clowns are pure evil… there is always a chance that Pennywise is out there.


What was your scariest sexual experience?
* I met up with a guy I had met online, he was handsome and was acting a little cagey, but that is typical in most hook-ups (right?). I began blowing him, he had a decent cock that grew to a very nice size and thickness, after a bit he suggested we go back to the bedroom and get comfortable. More kissing and sucking and he asks if I want anything to drink. I told him no, lets just keep going. He went back to being cagey and saying things about how people shouldn’t reject his hospitality. I tried to reassure him with the fact that I didn’t have much time, and we should go back to where we were going. He kept muttering about being a good host and people shouldn’t reject hospitality. I started to collect my things and put my pants back on when he shouted through clenched teeth that I’m not going anywhere after I’ve insulted him. I quickly put my clothes on and back to the door. He started moving toward me but I strangely moved quicker and got out the door… he stood on the porch… naked and shouting, “I’d really like to see you again”.

I’ve seen him around since then and I recognize his cock on his craigslist ads. I’ve wondered if anyone else has dared to reject his hospitability?


TMI Questions
Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.

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