Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stealing: Firsts

Today we ripped off a blogger named Paul Burgin from the blog Mars Hill. It is 20 questions, He says he got it from Paul Linford. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

  • First Job: Dishwasher at a buffet style restaurant. It was the most disgusting experience of my life. I’m skeptical of them to this day.
  • First Real Job: I had to really think about this one… what constitutes a “real job”? The first job I was paid on salary was as a full-time overnight DJ at a country station in Corvallis, OR. 1964_Rambler_Classic_770[4]
  • First Volunteer Job: Driving the church bus to pick up bilingual and monolingual Mexican kids for an outreach program. The program gave the kids lunch and provided social services to their families as the needs arose.
  • First Car: A 1964 AMC Rambler Classic
  • First Record: On vinyl – Purple Rain Soundtrack On cassette – Reckless by Bryan Adams
  • First Sport Played: Baseball
  • First Concert: My parents took me to see The Statler Brothers at the fair when I was a kid. The first concert of my own choosing was Poison in 1986.
  • First Country Visited: Canada
  • First Kiss:My cousin at age 13 or 14. My first kiss with a girl was the woman I was to marry; other than my daughters, she is still the only woman I’ve ever kissed.
  • First Speech: I had a horrible stuttering problem in school. I gave many painful speeches in English class. It wasn’t until college that I took a speech class from a man who gave me the tools to overcome it. I still stutter when I’m stressed or nervous.
  • First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: I had the typical socially constructed ‘girlfriend’ in the 7th grade. It was a relationship that was made up of notes and sitting together at lunch. My first ‘real’ girlfriend was the woman I would marry. I count a guy named Mark as my first boyfriend. He was married, as I was. We saw each other for almost a year. Bill_Mo_Me
  • First Encounter with a Famous Person: I got to interview a number of famous people on my radio show from 2004-06; including Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) and other politicians. The most famous person I met was basketball legend Bill Walton. (that’s me between Mr. Walton and Maurice Lucas)
  • First Brush With Death:In 2005, I was in a single vehicle roll-over accident caused by speeding. I was driving a 1973 Ford pickup. I was knocked unconscious, my left wrist was crushed and the right side of my head was nearly scraped off. If I’d been wearing a seatbelt, I would have been dead.
  • First House/Flat Owned:I have not owned property yet.TGposter
  • First Film Seen at a Cinema: My parents told me the first movie I saw was True Grit in 1969 at the Salem (OR) Drive-In.
  • First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV): Radio – The local station did a Thanksgiving special with school children recording a bit about the history of the holiday. I was in the 2nd grade, it wasn’t pretty (see previous statement about stuttering). Newspaper – I remember being in photos for the local paper at various community events. TV – I’ve been spotted in the crowd at various events. Most notably, part of the Bon Jovi video for Bad Medicine was filmed at the BSU Pavilion in Boise, ID. I used to be able to spot my location in the crowd.
  • First Hospital Stay:The first one I recall was for breaking my arm in the 8th grade.
  • First Book You Remember Reading: The Island of Dr. Moreau – HG Wells.
  • First Pet: a doggie named Tippy
  • First Election You Voted In: I’m certain I voted in 1987 when I turned 18, but the first major election I remember is the 1988 Presidential election. I voted for George H.W. Bush.
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  1. poor kid broken arm and a hospital stay
    come see me at

  2. There was a girl that I went to college with who had a Rambler. It was very cool.

    1. I really loved that car. I got hit by a punk in the fancy car daddy bought him and totalled it because the cost to repair was more than the car was worth. I really wish I'd fixed it.