Monday, February 25, 2013

100 Bites of Reality

Wantonly stolen from Erik at Gambrinous with Griffonage and Nate, a Buckeye in Virginia.


1. Are young at heart, or an old soul?
* I think I’m young at heart. I certainly don’t feel like I’m 43. Of course, this is the first time at that age, so I’m just going with the flow and having as much fun as possible.
2. What makes someone a best friend?
* A best friend is someone who knows your faults and the mistakes of your past, yet sticks with you because they know the best is yet to come. It’s also someone who’ll help you hide the bodies. 
3. What Christmas (or Hanukkah) present do you remember the most?
* I got a 10-speed bicycle when I was in 5th or 6th grade. That bike was my ticket to freedom and economic status. It allowed me to get out of the house and see that there were people out in the world who weren’t abusive bastards.
4. Tell me about a movie/song/TV show/play book that has changed your life.
* Like Alex Rogan the teenage character in The Last Starfighter, I thought that the small town trailer park I grew up in, was the only world I’d ever know. One night Alex got a visitor from Alpha Centauri inviting him on an adventure. Alex saves the day and learns there is life beyond the trailer park.  
5. Name one physical feature that you like about yourself, and one you dislike.
* I have beautiful deep brown eyes. I hate the fact that I’m a fat tub o’ goo… but I’m working on that.
6. Would you like to reconnect with any friend you've lost contact with?
* Yes… Nick, my buddy from the first couple years of college.
7. What's more important in a relationship: Physical attraction or emotional connection?
* Emotional connection... everything else will fall into place.
8. Name a movie that you knew would be terrible just from reading the title.
* Anything starting with “Harold & Kumar…”
9. What holiday do you most look forward to?
* I really like Thanksgiving because the central theme is being thankful for what you have. Which is why it gets lost in the mad rush of obscene hedonism of Christmas.
10. How is the relationship between you and your parents?
* My mom died of cancer in 1990. I never had a relationship with my dad other than hearing him tell me how worthless I was or physically assaulting me. I tried for years after mom died to make a connection with him. I finally gave up. He wanted to be a lonely, miserable man; he got what he wanted. I haven’t spoke to him in over two years.
11. You've got the TV on, but you're not really watching. What channel is the TV on?
* The Food Network, HGTV or MSNBC.
12. Name a song that never fails to make you happy.
* I really love music of many different genres, so questions asking me for one answer are difficult to answer. Just about any song from Queen, Journey, Tom Petty, Maroon 5, Van Halen, Mumford & Sons…. on and on…
13. You know a least one person name Michael. Tell me about him.
* I just went through my contacts list, I don’t currently know a Michael.
14. Have you ever read "Missed Connection" on Craigslist? Have ever posted one, or wanted to?indigo-12-west
* I’ve read them, but I haven’t posted one.
15. If you could pick anywhere to live the rest of your life, where would it be?
* I really want to travel and see the wonderful places I see on the Travel Channel, particularly Eastern Europe, Great Britain and Australia. But at the end of the day, I would want to live in a stylish condo in the Pearl District of Portland. Specifically, Indigo 12 West. 
16. Can money buy happiness?
* No, but it certainly helps.
17. Do you drink? Smoke? Do drugs? Why, or why not?
* I drink socially, and occasionally just because I want the world to go away. I enjoy good beers, the Northwest has the best microbrews 803290_10151541179933833_1638354140_nand I can proudly say that I have not let mass market swill pass my lips since 2007. When I’m at a bar with friends, Gin & Tonic is my choice. I tried to smoke cigarettes in college, but it didn’t take. A couple years ago I discovered the joy of a good cigar. As far as drugs go… I have enjoyed an occasional smoke of pot. 
18. Is there anyone close to you that you know you can't trust. You don't have to give names?
* If I cannot trust them, they are no longer close to me. I’ve had some very bad experiences with people who I called “friend”.
19. Where was your favorite place to go when you were a little kid?
* The nature of my childhood prevented me from having too much freedom. Generally, my room was my sanctuary, that is until violence forced itself into the room. I also had a good friend whose home I was able to escape to for short periods of time. It gave me a glimpse into how what I thought a normal family behaved.
20. Have you ever spent the night in the hospital?
* No… although, when I was in a car accident in 2005, I was transferred to a larger regional hospital after dark. I had surgery to clean and stich my wounds through the night and was released as the sun was coming up. So, maybe that counts.
21. Do you enjoy being with only one or two friends, or with a large group of people.
* Generally I enjoy a small group of friends. The core group are my closest friends, with the possibility that the larger group are at the acquaintance level.
22. Do you like the type of music your parents listen to? Do your parents like the type of music you listen to?
* I guess I do. They always listened to Country music when I was a kid. In fact they listened to the same station my Uncle had on in his milk barn. I remember thinking that was the only kind of music that came out of a radio. That is until I discovered KISS, Styx and Queen.
23. Have you every been bullied. Have you every bullied anyone else?welcome-help-with-bullying
* I was bullied through middle and high school by the same douchebags. I hated riding the bus and would “miss the bus” and walk the five miles to my house. When the weather was nice, I would ride my bike, one day I came around the corner of the building to where the rack was located. They were waiting for me; lunging out and pushing me from the bike… I sustained a concussion (this was pre-bike helmet), a broken arm and a lot of road rash. Enduring the daily terrorism for five years helps me to understand the dark place kids can go who decide to take a gun to school. I remember thinking about it; not to get a large body count, just those three douchebags. 
24. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
* Ribeye Steak, baked potato, seasonal veggies and fresh bread; paired with a nice Willamette Valley wine.
25. If your partner wanted to wait until marriage before having sex, would you stay in that relationship?
* No
26. Do you believe in a god?
* I did once, but reality has convinced me otherwise.
27. Of all the social networks in the world, why use Twitter?
* I have a twitter account… but I never use it.
28. What's your favorite hashtag to track?trailer-park
* See the answer to question 27.
29. Would you call yourself/your family "middle class"?
* Growing up, we were definitely lower class… living in a trailer park, wearing 2nd hand store clothes… plus there’s that aura that you’re different, or less-than your peers. I’m not sure if this is part of what fed the bullies, or this in combination with being fat, socially awkward, and damaged. Now… I would be solidly middle-class if the X didn’t see to it through court ordered poverty (child support) that I still live in poverty.
30. Name a TV series you didn't enjoy until after it ended.
* I scanned my brain, for something other than Star Trek, but came up with nothing.
31. Have you every bought a product from an infomercial?
* No, but there have been a few that I’ve thought “I MUST HAVE THAT!” Then I remember that I’m an anti-hoarder who routinely takes a bag or two of just that type of stuff to Goodwill.
32. If you could give up your car and never drive again, would you?
* Yes, if I lived in a city with a proper mass transit system. I actually went without a car for six months in 2011, relying on coworkers for a ride to work and friends for a trip to the grocery was maddening. I did buy a taxi on a few desperate times, but $8 a pop was ridiculous to me.
33. If you could go back to one point in time to give advice to yourself, when would you go and what would you say?mqdefault
* I would go back to the spring of 1991 and convince myself that it would be ok to be gay and the effort to nail the closet door shut would be damaging to numerous people in my life.
34. What's your "quirkiest" habit?
* I don't have any...hate those kinds of things. I used to have a funny walk, but it bothered me so much, I changed it.
35. What is "normal?" Are you normal?
* When I was young all I wanted to be was “normal”. I have since learned that “normal” is a label that others put ON you. Basically, normal is a setting on the dryer. Do I look like a dryer? In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. 
36. Someone close to you is dying. You have the choice to let this person live for 10 more years, but if you do, you cause the death of 10 strangers. You don't have to see them die. Do you take the offer?
* To everything there is a season… Turn Turn Turn
37. What is the one thing you could never forgive?
* I don’t forgive those who have screwed me over. There is no chance to “fool me twice”.
38. Would you rather be in a relationship after the honeymoon period ends, or be single.
* I believe I’ll take the relationship,Alex.
39. Is it possible for guys and girls to be just friends?
* Of course.
40. Where do you and your friends go to hang out?
* Usually at someone's house. Sometimes we go to the Midway, a nice little bar here in town.
41. Write the first sentence of your obituary.
* His favorite quote was “Be ashamed to die until you’ve won a small victory for mankind”, it’s really too bad he had such a short time to enjoy it.
42. What is the best TV them song ever?
* Big Bang Theory.

43. When you were young, what would you dream you would be when you grew up?
* Normal.
44. When you're alone in your own home, do you walk around naked?
* Often.
45. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
* If I don’t, I’ll need to change the sheets.
46. Do you want to have more friends than you have right now.
* The more the merrier! Pride_NW-poster
47. What part of the past year sticks out in your mind?
* I was able to attend my first PRIDE in Portland, OR.
48. You win a scratch-off lottery game that give you $2000 a week (after taxes) for the rest of your life. Do you keep working?
* Not in my present job, no. I would be able to take a job that I enjoy without regard for the income.
49. Could you be in a long-distance relationship? If you're in one, what makes yours work?
* I have been in a couple long-distance relationships, they didn’t work out. So it is not my preference.
50. What's the best route to your heart?
* Show respect, understanding, I need to feel cherished.
51. Have you ever met someone through the internet, and then met them in real life?
* Yes
52. What is your favorite sport?
* Its football (college and pro)… I’m going through some serious withdrawals since the Superbowl.
53. What has been troubling you lately?
* Lack of money.
54. Did you enjoy your high school prom? If you haven't gotten there yet, do you look forward to it? it you didn't go, why not?0978044100853_300X300
* I did. I went with a friend.
56. Do you know what makes you happy?
* Being satisfied with my place in life.
57. Tell me about the last book you read.
* I am currently reading “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris. It is the first novel in the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which the series True Blood is based.
8. What is the nicest compliment you've ever been given?
* “Without you, I would still be an addict and I wouldn’t have my children. I will always be grateful for you in my life."
59. Who was your first crush?
* I have no idea.
60. Do you believe that there is life on other plants?
* Sure, why not? Of course, I would need to know your definition of life.
61. Predict what your life will look like a year from now.
* As I have a tendency to worry about things that may not be; I really do try to live life day by day. I have made goals for 2013, depending on how those work out, I will make goals for 2014 and so on.
62. Often, people will ask how your last relationship ended. I want to know how it began. GP-Logo-small
* My last lengthy relationship ended because he was stealing money from our joint account and he was cheating on me. This was the last straw in making the “fool me once” policy. I felt like such an idiot for letting him talk me out of what I knew when the evidence said otherwise.
63. Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?
* I love to go to The Great Pacific in Pendleton, OR. It’s a hometown owned place that serves 100’s of microbrews and regional wines. It also serves great sandwiches, salads, coffee and brick oven pizzas. Plus, they have great live bands just about every weekend.
64. What is something you want to change about your current situation?
* I don’t want to get into all the labyrinths of issues that are involved in my current situation,the primary issue (as I mentioned before) is my lack of money. Just this past week I signed on to sell Tupperware. If you are interested in hosting an in home or online party or need a different way to conduct a fundraiser for your organization, please go HERE and send me your contact information.
65. Early bird or night owl?
* I’m a night owl. I drag in the morning until about 10am. 853163_10151547314698833_237168641_o
66. Are there any childhood possessions you still hold on to?
* I have various knick-knacks I’ve held onto, most interesting is a little cast iron bank in the shape of a lion that belonged to my grandfather when he was a child.
7. Give me an unpopular opinion you have.
Less government is always better.
68. What was the last song that was stuck in your head?
* Civil War – Guns n’ Roses.
69. Where do you live?
* Hermiston, OR
70. Do you believe in giving kids medals and trophies for participation?
* Just for participation, no. As a former little league coach, you can come up with legitimate reasons to give kids recognition… most improved, best short stop, positive attitude and so on.
71. What is the longest car ride you've ever taken?
* Eastern Oregon to Northwestern Arkansas… the way my dad drove, it took 3-days.
72. Have you ever taken part in a protest?
* Yes
73. Would you ever use an online dating service?
* I’ve signed up for a couple. It’s doubtful that they will really work as long as I live in a rural area.
74. What is your ethnic heritage?
* British, German and American
75. Describe a person who inspires you.
* Someone who is self-assured, well spoken, compassionate, and gives of his time and resources to help others. 
76. If you earned minimum wage doing what you love, would you?
* If I were to win that $2000/week lotto prize… yes!
77. Do you believe in luck.
* No
78. Describe that last time you were very angry at someone.
* I’m really trying to leave that stuff in the past and not dwell on it. So, I’m sure the last person with whom I was angry was most likely one of my exes. senior_fitness2
79. Do you want to live until your 100?
* Based on family history I should live into my 90’s. This is one of the primary motivators of my weight loss efforts. If I live to an advanced age, I don’t want to do it in a wheelchair or in a nursing home.
80. Do people change? If so, how do you keep a relationship together when both of you start to change?
* People change, if that is understood in a relationship, then the two people would be working through change together and accepted by both. If one is naturally growing and evolving, but the other is stagnant or moving in a different direction then the relationship will be hard to maintain. .
81. Have you ever risked a friendship by telling someone you liked them?
* No
82. Would you rather be alone doing something you enjoy, or doing something you don't like with your best friends?
* Being with your friends makes even the worst activity somewhat enjoyable. Of course, I would never let them forget it.
83. Do you practice what you preach?
* I try
84. If you take precautions to stay safe, do you ultimately act more recklessly?
* I would want more details about this “activity”. I wear seatbelts, but that doesn’t cause me to drive recklessly.
85. What do you value more in a significant other: Attractiveness or intelligence?
* Intelligence. I need to be able to carry on a conversation with him.
86. Are you hard-headed?
* I can be, but that’s because I’m right.
87. Have you ever laughed uncontrollably when it was socially inappropriate?
* Yes… Once when I was on the air.
88. When have you felt most alive?
* I find that doing volunteer work makes me feel like my life has purpose.
89. Where do you prefer to live? A city? The suburbs? The countryside? The mountains?
* I’d like to live in a suburban area that affords easy access to the city and the ocean. I have a couple places in mind in the area around Portland, OR.
90. Do you often skip breakfast?
* I try not to, I’m working on transforming to a healthier me and every nutritionist says you should eat something for breakfast to get your metabolism going.
91. How do you know what true love is?
* I don’t know. I wonder if I’ll ever know.
92. Would you want to know the exact date and time you were going to die?
* No.
93. Where is "home" for you?
* I guess that would be where I grew up, but I don’t consider it home.
94. What song best describes your life right now?
95. Do you want to be perfect?
* I try to be, but I know that if you spend too much time seeking perfection you miss some of the really amazing parts of life because you’re so stressed all the time.
96. What have you never tried, but would really like to someday?
* I would really like to take classes at a culinary institute.
97. How do you express your creativity?
* Well there is this blog. I also knit scarves.
98. Describe your neighborhood?
* Working class manufactured homes and apartment complexes in a rural community that just happens to be the population center for the county at just over 15,000 residents.
99. Name something you only liked because it was popular.
* Being heterosexual.
100. Give me the story of your life in six words.
* Shouldn’t the UP’s outnumber the DOWN’s?


  1. Thanks.
    It takes a lot longer than one might imagine to complete all of that. But it does help us know you better.

  2. I like your answers and agree with Nate. I'd like to do this meme too, but maybe I'll break it up into 2 or 3 parts.

    1. I've been working on it for a week... It is a daunting undertaking.

  3. Here's a link for a new movie coming in July by the guy who did Insidious! Be sure to embiggen it.

    The Conjuring

    I loved the Sookie Stackhouse books and read all 12 or so of them last summer. After the first book, the books and tv series go in very different ways. The books are much better but you have to remember that they are basically trashy romance novels for women. You can't go a page without reading about Sookie's breasts or one of the men's huge engorged members.