Friday, January 25, 2013

TMI Thursday: Super STAR! (nsfw)

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it. 

286682332500780576_vs8FnpoN_cSUPER HERO OR SUPER VILLAIN?

  1. If you could be a Super Hero or Super Villain, which would you be and why?
    * I would so be a Super Hero. I would have super senses, super speed and super strength (the trifecta). Just a few of my closest friends would know about my secret identity and they would join me in making other people feel stupid through sarcasm if they suspected anything. I think my super hero dreams comes from my hearts desire to help people overcome circumstances that leave them feeling powerless. That makes it sound like my favorite TNT show Leverage.
    Of course, sometimes that help may comes as a smack up the side of the head. Some people just deserve it don’t they?
  2. What's your secret identity?
    * I would be the mild mannered civil servant who uses their people skills and networking to learn the identity of people in distress. I would use my super empathy to screen out those who are just looking for another way to avoid responsibility and help those who truly deserve it. Like Superman, but not so clueless. 
  3. Which person in your life would be your trusted sidekick?
    * I would have a number of people who have a certain set of skills depending upon what I need. We would gather around a large table and discuss how we are going to help people from their lives of drudgery. Since we are all ordinary,166773992422780398_t1eEqesa_c unassuming people we have to work out the logistics of making the magic happen without our marks knowing we’re doing anything.
  4. What is your kryptonite (weakness)?
    * In the real world, I cannot stand it when people diminish my accomplishments or the work I’ve put into getting where I am in life. So, my kryptonite would be if the people I helped were ungrateful for the help. I’m using my super powers to help you bitch! Would a little gratitude kill you??
  5. What are your power(s)?
    * Everything I would do would just be SUPER! Super senses, Super speed, Super Strength… and SUPER fashion!
  6. Describe your costume.
    * Costume is picture (grrr) Everyone would be mesmerized by my amazing pectorals and won’t be paying attention to what I’m doing to help them out of their difficult circumstances.


Which Super Hero or Super Villain would you most like to have sex? Be specific i.e.: Christopher Revee Superman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Super Friends Wonder Woman. Describe the sex.Steve_Rogers-4

After a long day of helping people overcome their circumstances by getting them jobs, paying their mortgages, getting their cars fixed, ect. I’m back at the office; my super bladder is full so I head to the men’s room. As I open the door, I notice Steve Rogers from HR is in there. He was already standing at the urinal as I approached. We nodded hello at each other.As I began shaking hands with my best friend. I’m noticing he’s glancing over rather obviously. So of course, I glance over and notice he’s swinging some serious wood.

I’ve noticed the way Steve fills out his shirt.. and pants around the office. But I couldn’t be too obvious about noticing because it would complicate my plans to remain below the radar around the office. Here I stand with this amazing specimen standing beside me with what had to be a 9” slab of meat. While the internal dialog was running, my own 11 was standing at attention. We finally make eye contact; he has amazing eyes. He winks and says, “I usually come in here after work for a wank, but since you’re here I’d rather take care of that”  As he motions toward my cock with his eyes, I feel his hand wrap around it. His face is moving toward mine as he says, “Want to know who I fantasize about when I’m in here wanking?” as our lips are about to touch he says, “you”. tmi

Steve is working my cock and our tongues are probing the inner spaces of our mouths. I have began working his cock in the same speed and rhythm he is working mine. Steve breaks his lock on my face and begins lowering himself to take my leaking cock into his mouth. I let out a moan of ecstasy as he expertly works my tool. While I was really enjoying his skill, I was becoming nervous because his hand was reaching under my shirt and I was worried he would discover my secret identity. But he was just too good and I was getting close to climax.

His roaming hands were getting worrisome. As close as I was to pasting the back of his throat with my spunk I pulled him up and planted a deep kiss on his beautiful lips. We parted, and I said, “I want a shot too”. I dropped and took in this thick member, burying my nose in his pubes. I began feeling his hard legs and my hands explored his bubble butt. I wanted to feel his skin, I imagined that he covered with a beautiful fur. As my mouth was working his cock, my hands were beginning to pull his pants down. His hands quickly grabbed my hands and held them tight. I struggled against his grip, I could have easily broken the grasp, but I didn’t want him to question my super strengthmovie-transformations-chris-evans-captain-america-ss.

I stood and told him that I’ve been admiring his ass for years, and I wanted to see it unsheathed. He hesitated and said something about saving something for later. I arched my eyebrow, for a moment there weren’t two wet, throbbing cocks pressed between us. As I started to go back down to finish working Steve’s cock, I ripped his pants down with speed and agility. He was wearing blue tights! He said, “I really wish you hadn’t done that”. Fearing that our moment was falling apart, I quickly ripped open my shirt to reveal the red “S” painted onto my massive chest. Steve looked at me quizzically, as he started to say something; he paused and opened his shirt revealing a blue shirt with a white star in the center of his massive chest.

We both started laughing, enjoying the moment. Two super heroes, our super cocks hard and leaking. I remembered where I was going when this started, I turned Steve around and pulled down his tights to reveal a perfectly sculpted ass. He protests, saying, “I’m a top”, I replied, “Not tonight Cap”.

I think that’s enough to fulfill the spirit of the meme, don’t you?


  1. I was worried about your super cum shot!

    1. I think the Captain should be a bit worried, don't you?

      Thanks for the great topic this week.

  2. Please tell me youa rent finished with this story. So what happened when you dropped a knee,spun him around super fast and planted your tongue on his hole? Thanks for the lunchtime boner

    1. It was my pleasure... or yours...

      Now that I've looked at your blog, I will be spending some quality time with you Mr. Loki.

  3. ~sigh~

    There's just something about 2 hot guys together. Or 2 hot girls. Or a hot guy and a hot girl. Or 3 hot-- Well, you get the idea.

    I suppose I'm an equal-opportunity voyeur. ;-)

    1. Because, unless you go through life looking like you were weaned on a pickle... SEX IS AWESOME!

  4. I think everyone agrees... with this post you officially win the internet! HOT!

    1. I think I just gave you a glimpse of what runs through my mind. Be afraid....