Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday Stealing: The Never Ending Meme (pt.2)

 21. Did you go to your high school prom?


22. Perfect time to wake up?

8 am

23. Perfect time to go to bed?

1 am

24. Do you use your queen right away in chess?


25. Ever been in a car accident?

Yes… the story is HERE. Sorry the pictures don’t show up anymore.

26. Closer to mom or dad…or neither?

Mom died in 1990… dad, no.

27. What age is this exciting life over for you?

I’ll let you know when I get there.

f_3491W_128. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?

I think I would have loved to be a hippy in the 60’s and 70’s.

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?

I would love to have another pair of Ropers. The last pair I owned lost structural integrity after five years.

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?

I still have my Letterman’s Jacket.

31. Were you in track and field?

I was a chubby, nerdy kid in High School and I did what most chubby, nerdy kids do… I was the Track team “manager” and the AV geek for the football team. That is how I earned my Letter.

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?index_4


33. Have you ever written in a library book?


34. Allergic to?

Seasonal Allergies

35. Favorite fruit?

DJ… or a nice tree ripened peach… both are sweet and fuzzy.

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