Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Secrets

Sunday Secrets is a blog, turned book, turned speaking tour. We all have secrets we desperately want to get off our chest, but are scared that people would judge or, even worse, that no one would care. The concept is simple, maybe we would tell our secrets if we could do it anonymously. So they have built a movement out of people mailing in postcards with their secrets. Sometimes the secrets are on a sticky note in a copy of the book, or found on a scrap of paper at a speaking event. Basically, getting things off your chest is good for you.
About once a month there’s a secret that could be mine. Perhaps, that is what keeps me from actually participating in the game. Tonight, there was one that could have been written by me. Not just the concept, but the words, sentiment, the emotion and even the penmanship.
I talked to my sister last night and learned that our 72-year old father is out of work… I know he needs someone to care. I know that one of us should open the door and say, “Dad, you can stay here”.
Its hard to muster up that kind of charity for the man who took every chance he could to remind me what a worthless piece of shit I was and to occasionally smack me around like the bitch he thought I was. He’s the last person on earth I turn to when I need help, because for the last 20 years there’s always been a reason not to give it.
I’m sorry, but you never seemed to want me in your home… it’s my turn to return the favor.   


  1. It's often hard to realize, but we don't have to keep those in our lives who treat us badly regardless of blood connections. Knowing you for most of your life I can attest that you've moved upward and onward from your beginnings and you should be proud of yourself and hold no shame in your feelings towards your FOO. We reap what we sow and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that... Love you long time big boy!

  2. Yeah, I can only echo what Chris said. You have to draw some boundaries with people in life, and sometimes you're the only one who knows exactly where those should be.