Monday, August 23, 2010

Dream Job

Sometime this week the economists for the State of Oregon will publish the quarterly budget projection. Oregon operates on a biennial budget. That means that the budget we’re operating under in August 2010, and will continue to operate under through June 30, 2011; was determined during the spring of 2009. It’s crazy, but its how we do things in this progressive paradise.

Back in May, the economists announced that there was a $500+ million hole in the budget. Since the states cannot operate under a deficit, the Governor announced a 9% across the board cut. Basically targeting Social Services, other agencies were untouched until they “voluntarily” cut their budgets. Many of the contracted services I work with were cut and there are two open positions in my district which will remain open until… who knows when. Disaster averted.

The economists are saying that there will be ANOTHER $300-500 million hole in the budget when the quarterly budget projection is made this week. Layoffs were avoided last quarter by issuing a hiring freeze and leaving positions open. The Director is talking layoffs this time…

Should I get that pink slip, I’m thinking I should shuck my life of ALL entanglements and become a bartender in a place that Kenny Chesney would sing about…

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