Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday Stealing: The Never Ending Meme (p.1)

Cheers to all of us thieves!
1. Song that always makes you sad?
When my girls were little this song made me sad because I didn’t want them to grow up. Now that they are juniors in high school, it makes me sad because it has all gone by way too quickly. I want so much to hold them in my lap as I read them a story and have them giggle at the voices I made. The last verse has me verklempt as I write this because I know it’s going to be here way too soon.
2. Last thing you bought? Groceries
3. Last person you argued with? I wouldn’t call it an argument, but my boss and I had a 'discussion’ about how to best get a certain client to move forward on her case plan.
4. Do you put butter before putting the peanut butter on? eww…no!
5. One of your stuffed animals’ names as a kid? Back in the day my Grandpa would take individual bags of Planters Peanuts in his lunchbox for an afternoon snack. One could save the empty bags and trade them for Planters merchandise. I had a Mr. Peanut cup and a stuffed Mr. Peanut. He had spindly legs that had to be sewn back on from time to time, but I loved him and remembered carrying him everywhere… he was called… Mr. Peenee!
6. Did you ever at one time own a Barenaked Ladies CD? At one time? I own two of their CD’s! And they sing the theme of my favorite show…
I love the intro by the “evil” Wil Wheaton.
7. Favorite day of the week? I tried to think of a witty response, but kept coming back to the logical… Saturday.
8. Favorite sundae topping? Melted Peanut Butter – A couple tablespoons in the microwave for 30 sec. poured over ice cream. It melts a bit… its decadent.
9. Did you take piano lessons? Nope
10. Most frequent song played? I’m guessing this is a follow up to Q:9, but according to my iTunes the most played song is Help – The Beatles.
11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy? Secretly? I watched ONE episode of that slice of fresh Kardashian hell… and I didn’t enjoy it. You know I do not like “celebrity’ news but… Chelsea Lately… Chuy makes me laugh.
12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey? ummmm…. if I were able to play either of those I would choose hockey.
13. Date someone older or younger? I haven’t had much luck with ‘older’ so I would like to try ‘younger’ and see how it goes.
14. One place you could travel right now? Since I do not currently have an automobile… right now I can go upstairs or to the bathroom.
15. Do you use umbrellas? No, here in the Northwest that is how we identify the tourists.
16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem? Damn! If I’m going to play hockey, I’m going to have to learn them.
17. Favorite cheese? You can’t go wrong with a nice piece of Cheddar.
18. The Smith’s or The Cure?
19. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? hmmm… I don’t believe I have a preference.
20. Best job you ever had? That is such a hard question. There are parts of certain jobs I have enjoyed, but I cannot say I enjoyed the entire job.


  1. Oh I love the Big Bang Theory....hilarious! Have a super Sunday John

  2. I don't have a car either and it's pure hell because the public transportation where I live is just about the worst in the USA. Have a great weekend, cheers!

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