Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Challenge #14



Favorite Place to Eat

Fighting the battle of the bulge has been an ongoing battle in my  life. I was winning for a few years 2006-08, when I lost 140 lbs. But two things make it very hard to maintain success for very long.

  1. I’m what they call a “stress eater”. I turn to food when I’m seeking comfort for sadness or stress.
  2. I like to eat. I like to eat with friends. I like to cook for friends and family. I’m told, I’m pretty good at it too. If I lived the life of my dreams, I would be a foodie.

If you’ve been following this Challenge (see tab above), you will know that I cannot just give you one answer; I categorize these sort of things. I’ve been to some good restaurants in my travels. When I lived in Seattle I would use a guidebook (pre-internets) called The Best Places to Eat in Seattle. when we were set to go out, we would riffle through the book, randomly pointing a finger and then deciding if that was a place that suited our collective tastes and budget. Several places jump to my mind when I think of the best places we went; a Greek place on Fremont, a Chinese place in the International District, a pizza place in Wallingford. I could go on and on. In Spokane, a place called “The Onion”. In San Francisco an Italian place where we sat with the other patrons family-style. In Portland, The Roxy, the Byway Café, The Spaghetti Factory. In Boise, Flying Pie Pizza, Five Guys, Johnny Rockets. Hell, even in the old hometown… Burger West.

When thinking of all those places, you can probably guess the common denominator… FRIENDS. Just about any place is the “best place”… even McDonald’s or our own back yard… when you’re sharing a meal with friends.

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