Saturday, January 7, 2012

Challenge #13

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Something you are looking forward to…

2011 was a personally brutal year; my first post-divorce relationship came to a sputtering death, I made a major financial decision that had some frustrating consequences, and people who came to me in “my time of need” were evil in an empathetic covering.

I’m taking full advantage of the fresh optimism that comes with the New Year… 2012 will be a year of better choices and subsequent successes.

  • The bankruptcy will be final and I hope to use better judgment when I’m considering new financial responsibilities.
  • I learned some things about what to do and not do in a relationship. I will think long and hard before I throw my lot into another man’s basket.
  • When someone comes offering the hand of friendship or help… make sure they isn’t a snake hidden up their sleeve.

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  1. I am seeking an equanemious mind. Attachment and aversion are the root source(s) of suffering.