Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogging Challenge–Day 7

Favorite Movie

I enjoy movies, I always have. The one ‘family’ thing we did when I was growing up was to gather around the TV to watch movies; sometimes we even went to the drive-in. My sister and I would dress in our jammies, and load into the back of the car with our blankets and pillows and head for the drive-in. It was one of the few times nobody was yelling and nobody was hitting.

I have a very hard time limiting my selection of favorite movies to JUST ONE. I have my “go to” movies that depend on my mood.


  • You cannot go wrong with Casablanca… or any Bogart movie for that matter.


  • Indiana Jones Trilogy (I do not count the 4th movie as part of the franchise)


This is a hard category to narrow down to just one. Again, it depends upon my mood.



  • Just about anything with John Wayne… McLintock! is my ‘go to’ film.


… and finally…

Sentimental Hogwash

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