Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blogging Challenge–Day 6

A picture of something that makes you happy….

That’s simple – The Oregon Coast

2011-03-25 10.49.26

** Add in my kids, and I’m in Heaven.

This picture was taken on our 2011 Spring Break trip at Fort Stevens State Park; inside the Peter Iredale.

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  1. a cool shot - at great spot on the planet! thank you for visiting my blog. decided to return the visit and see that you have some good stuff going here. a very readable writing style. do feel free to keep posting! as you probably discovered on the side, in addition to the weekly photo challenge, they also have a daily writing inspiration for those days that you would like to post, while taking an odd break here and there from the blogging challenge.
    in any event, happy blogging in 2012!