Monday, July 5, 2010

The State regrets to inform you…

…that you’ll be losing everything very soon.

Most people were focused on getting out of the office for the long Fourth of July weekend when the State of California announced that all 200,000 state workers will have their wages slashed to the current minimum wage, $7.25 if the state budget isn’t passed before the July payroll goes out. Gov. Schwarzenegger says this isn’t a scare tactic, but the only thing they can do in light of a 2003 California Supreme Court judgment that says the State Comptroller has no obligation to pay salaries when there is no budget.

Oregon, like California has taken a slash & burn approach to the state budget. Recently, the Governor of Oregon ordered an “across the board” 9% cut in state services. I cannot imagine what would happen if the cuts had gone so far as to cut my monthly salary down to $1,240!

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