Monday, July 5, 2010

Just keep digging…

The big news story here in Oregon the Kyron Horman saga. The child disappeared on June 4th after his step-mother reportedly dropped him off to school for a science fair. The case started just like every other missing child story… the parents show up on TV begging for the return of their child. Only in this case, the step-mother never shows. The police say everyone is cooperating… but the step-mother is interviewed numerous times.  Bio-mom flies to Portland to join the media circus… daily coverage on the national morning shows and cover stories in national magazines. The authorities keep saying they believe Kyron is alive, but nobody is saying what gives them that assurance.

Over the last several days Kyron’s dad has filed divorce papers AND a restraining order against the step-mom and bio-mom has been begging her (via TV) to tell them what she knows. This morning… it’s being reported that step-mom has tried put a contract out on dad not just once, but multiple times. She allegedly offered their landscaper “a large sum of money” to kill her husband because she felt he was cheating on her.

Whenever one of these cases pops into our national consciousness, I think back to Susan Smith. That overly dramatic mom who strapped her kids into their car seats and rolled the car into a lake then went on national TV, bawling her eyes out (sans tears), telling us a mysterious black man had carjacked her babies.

I really hope that Kyron is still alive… but the crazy zigs and zags of this case have me thinking he’s strapped into the back of a car in a lake somewhere in NW Oregon or SW Washington.

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