Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Show me your papers!

The federal government announced yesterday that it is going to sue the State of Arizona over their ill-conceived immigration law. Here are a few talking points of my own…

  • Something needs to be done. It’s not President Obama’s fault… It’s not President Bush’s fault… It’s not their fault that immigration reform has become a game of pandering to the various special interests. It seems that 60% of voters are going to be pissed over whatever is being discussed. But, doing nothing for so long is getting us to where we are.
  • Pres. Obama says that people who come here and work hard to participate in our economy should be rewarded. Yes, with a simple path to citizenship. These people have been working and paying taxes, social security and greasing the economy without taking anything back should be given a chance to come in and get their papers.
  • Arizona is dead wrong in their efforts to circumvent the federal government by making their own set of immigration laws. Enacting laws to protect what isn’t theirs would be like me pressing charges for someone breaking into my neighbors’ house. Arizona says they are just protecting their communities from criminals. Great, then there should be countless local laws they could be enforcing. If the individual is in the country illegally, then turn them over to INS.
  • I’m sorry, there is no way this isn’t a racist law. They will be targeting the brown people. They will be stopping and hassling the brown people… period. That’s what this is all about… the brown people.. the people who look differently and talk differently.

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