Sunday, January 11, 2015

Joy Jar - 2014

Happy Jar - FullIn 2014 I was challenged to make a Joy Jar. I got an interesting jar with plans to decorate it (as pictured, that didn’t happen) and put slips of paper with the things that made me happy or brought me joy during the year. I also put ticket stubs in there since I like movies and they bring me Joy. On 01/01/15 I opened the jar and began sorting through the slips of paper. I noticed two things…

  1. The ups out numbered the downs in 2014 and they brought back good memories.
  2. During the down times, there are gaps. Which means I need to do a better job of seeing the joy in my life even on the stressful days.

Below are the things that brought me JOY in 2014… some were short lived, others made a tremendous impact… some were lessons learned… some were a fork in the road. They are written just as I wrote them on that day with the same emphasis. I thought about adding commentary, but I think I’ll just leave them as they are and let them speak for themselves.


1 – I saw Saving Mr. Banks
2 – Avery learned I was in Pendleton and asked me to stop by where she was. She gave me a BIG HUG and said “I love you”. **She also noticed I have been losing weight.
4 – Avery stopped by and brought me a Dutch Bros coffee.
4 – Fitting into size 50 pants.
5 – 10462963_10152688101638833_1759587679860932595_nBohemian Rhapsody
9 – Meaghan advised me not to apply for the job in John Day.
10 – Having a chat with Andrew about REAL christianity and GENUINE spirituality.
15 – Buying prescription sunglasses
17 – New couch
19 – Ginger & Darrell came over to watch the NFC game with me. GO HAWKS!!!
20 – Walking in the MLK Peace Walk – Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others? MLK
27 – Tom reminding me of great music of our youth. Loud & Singing along!
30 – Offered a chance to be a supervisor in Boardman


2 – SEAHAWKS WIN!!!russell-wilson-champion9 – I saw August Osage County
22 – Met Richard… dinner at Applebee's… Ams vs. EverettBlazers


1 – Blazer game with Bryan
2 – Breakfast with Rosalynda & Bryan
5 – MF asked me to be with him at an appointment for support and advice.
6 – I met a most wonderful/beautiful man.
7 – I saw Need For Speed


4 – I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier with Avery & Jessica
13 – Hawks Tattootatt 413


7 – Being recruited by a social service agency.
24 – I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past
31 – I saw Maleficent with Avery & Jess


2 – Interview at Astoria
12 – Jess finished the 8th grade
14 – Spending the day with Jess
15 – Avery took me to lunch #FathersDay
19 – Interview for Pendleton supervisor
25 – I GOT IT! The new gig starts 7/1
27 – Traveling to Boise with Jess
28 – Boise Music Festival with Bryan & Jess10449966_10152974943013989_7096449895777275877_n29 – Touring the Old Idaho Prison with Jess & Bryan


1 – New gig in Pendletonmoving in
25 – I saw Hercules


2 – Moved to Pendleton
3 – Andrew asked for a key so he could “hang” since HS is nearby
7 – Andrew came to watch Hawks pre-season game
10 – Jess’ cake won GRAND CHAMPION at the Fair
17 – I met T
19 – First “date” at GP
22 – First road trip to Portland.
30 – T moved in
** Not many Joys coming up **OMG Dame Edna


3 – Seeing T as a woman… wow!


10 – I saw Gone Girl


1 – I saw The Judge
10 – I saw Interstellar
11 – A much needed day at home ALONE
14 – Amazing event at work
14 – Coworker told me that they weren’t sure I would take to my new job. She and other managers have been impressed.
27 – Avery, Andrew and Jess were here for Thanksgiving.


4 – T is finally gone… GOOD Riddance!
25 – Andrew, Avery and Jess came over to exchange Christmas gifts. 10424999_10152944082173833_2708096184867300918_n

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