Thursday, September 19, 2013

TMI Thursday: Sock it to me!

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it (The ones I know about are listed in the sidebar).


  • feet bareWhat's your shoe size?
    • 12
  • Do your socks and shoes stink?
    • No
  • Around the house do you wear socks, slippers or go barefoot?
    • Most of the year, I am barefoot. During the cold weather moths I wear socks and slippers.
  • feet socksWhat length and color are your athletic socks?
    • I have both crew and ankle length in both white and black.
  • Do you wear normal dress socks or do you have some fun ones?
    • They are mostly normal, but I do have some fun ones.
  • Do you sleep with socks on or off?
    • Off
  • feet stripeDuring the summer do you go sockless?
    • Yes
  • Are socks on a man sexy?
    • Honey, most everything on a man can be sexy.
  • Have you ever used garters with socks?
    • No
  • feet_hot_gay_couples_8Have you ever darned a sock?
    • Yes


  • Sex - socks on or socks off?
    • Off

1 comment:

  1. I'll do the facebook thing and give my answers here...
    ^size 13
    ^they usually do stink, unless I rotate the shoes enough to air out
    ^usually barefoot, unless the socks I wore that day are comfy, then I leave them on
    ^athletic socks are either no show, white with a design of some kind or knee length soccer type socks of any color
    ^typically normal, but since starting my new job, have added many fun, colorful ones to my rotation
    ^usually off, because I overheat when I sleep, but again, if the socks are super comfy, or it is cold, I will wear to bed.
    ^I go sockless only if I am barefoot or in flipflops or sandals. Any type of shoe and I must wear socks. I HATE the sockless dressy look. just looks unfinished, like they forgot the socks. Glad it is phasing out.
    ^duh. of course. unless it is white socks with dress shoes, or athletic socks (even black) with slacks. lazy people. lazy.
    ^unless I am wearing over the calf socks, I wear garters with any shorter dressy-ish sock. They are way comfier than most would think, classy, retro, and I never have to pull my socks up!
    ^No. that would ruin the lay of the fabric, toss em.
    ^depends on the sock. Very sheer, traditionally formal socks, yeah.... cotton athletic socks, never.