Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday 9: I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Saturday 9: I Don't Want to Talk About It but-I-dont-want-to-talk-about-it_o_27958

  1. Crazy Sam (the author of this meme) is beyond sick of all things Kardashian! What's a topic you're just tired of and don't want to talk about anymore?
    * I absolutely detest “celebrity” news and reality shows. I do not understand how pathetic your life has to be to enjoy watching someone else’s trainwreck of a life. Turn of the TV and get off Facebook … and get your own trainwreck!
  2. Rod Stewart has been recording for more than 40 years. Do you have any of his music on your iPod/mp3 player?
    * I have 33 Rod Stewart songs.
  3. Rod Stewart is known for his coif. How much time do you spend on your hair each morning?
    * Not much, I’m more of a wash & wear kind of guy.
  4. scan0063Rod's first child, a daughter, will turn 50 this year. His most recent child, also a daughter, is 2. How close in age are your children? If you don't have any children, how close in age are you and your siblings? If you don't have children OR siblings, well, tell us what's immediately to your left as you respond to this meme. If you don't have anything to your left ... Oh, hell, I give up!
    * Wow… that’s a lot of words. I was 24 when my eldest child was born.
  5. Which do you prefer -- french toast or pancakes?
    * I make wicked french toast.
  6. When was the last time you lost your cool?
    * I grow weary of “parents” pretending to care about their children but abdicating responsibility every chance they get. hakuna-some-vodka_american-apparel-unisex-tank_black_w380h440z1_large
  7. Crazy Sam once had a pet hamster she named Bart. Have you ever cared for a hamster or a gerbil?
    * No, they stink.
  8. Are you ticklish?
    * No
  9. Ouch! You have a headache! What's your go-to remedy?
    * More vodka, baby!


  1. I am so with you on vodka! I also agree with you reality shows, other than American Idol. And I watch that because after 30 years as a DJ, I feel I just have to...

    1. I have quit watching AI because it seems like the best artists don't go that far and we're left having to suffer through awful renditions of songs and having the "judges" fall all over themselves to say how wonderful the performance was.

      The only reality shows I'm into now is RuPaul's Drag Race and The Voice.

  2. I suspect there might me vodka in that wicked french toast recipe. Am I right?

    1. I don't cook with vodka because it has no flavor to speak of plus the alcohol evaporates, so what's the point. I have put ammaretto in the french toast batter... that was a big hit.

  3. I'm a vodka wuss but, I do like that picture of you and baby :)

    1. Thank you... she'll be 18 in June... and graduating from highschool.

  4. All this talk of French toast, I guess I will have some tomorrow,
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings