Friday, January 4, 2013

Off to a disappointing start…

I have mentioned in a few of my previous posts that I have met someone who is looking pretty special. The largest obstacle comes from the fact that he lives 90-miles away and is currently car-less. Last month when people were marking 12/12/12 with weddings due to the perceived significance of that date… I was meeting Greg.

Thus far in my journey on this rock I have had less than successful relationships. A sham of a marriage in an effort to be normal, a partnership with a man who stole from me, cheated on me and felt I should give him one more chance as I was placing his things in the driveway and a very short lived run with a younger guy who found great cultural significance in the work of those girls who’s only claim to fame is a 72 day marriage and a smokin’ hot sex tape. So I’m trying to keep my head about me as our relationship approaches the one month mark.

As for the title of this post, he was supposed to have a ride here tonight so we could spend the weekend together. It turns out his ride is unreliable, so he may or may not make it tomorrow. Normally, I like my quiet Friday evenings with the kitties… tonight I’m feeling alone. Like someone important is missing.

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  1. That sucks. What about buses? There must be one that would at least cut the time you would have to drive to pick him up? One that brings him 10 miles away?