Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blogging Challenge–Favorite TV Shows

I think I’ve proven that this is not a “daily” blogging challenge. ‘Tis the season to make plans for what you want to accomplish when the calendar is replaced. Hope springs eternal…
I try to delude myself into believing that I don’t watch too much TV, but then I’m faced with the reality that I have a TV viewing routine and definite opinions on the shows I like and dislike. This is most apparent when the kids are here. While there are two other TV’s in the house, they seem to commandeer the main TV rather quickly… and that seems to annoy me.


  • 2 Broke Girls – Two women from different worlds come together in a moment of need. The awesomely sarcastic Max and the terminally blonde Caroline are the latest incarnation of Lucy & Ethel. Caroline's character is the daughter of a Bernie Madoff-esque crook who has lost everything, she befriends Max becomes her roommate and hilarity ensues. BONUS – Classic SNL actor Garrett Morris provides many LOL moments.
  • Big Bang Theory – Two uber-geeks live across the hall from a beautiful waitress. Two additional uber-geeks stop by frequently… hilarity ensues.


  • Criminal Minds – The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit helps local law enforcement solve crimes committed by sociopaths and psychopaths.
  • CSI – I love the original best. I wasn’t sure I would continue watching after William Peterson left; it faltered a bit with Laurence Fishburne, but it has really picked up this season with the addition of Ted Danson. I don’t care much for CSI: Miami, but CSI: New York is good, just because Gary Sinise is SO cool.
  • Blue Bloods – I started watching this for one reason… Tom Selleck. I keep watching because the stories are good.


  • Crasher Shows on DIY – I love the idea that a hunky contractor is lurking around the aisles of Lowes looking for people who innocently came to the store looking for new tile or a hose. Josh Temple on House Crashers is my favorite. He’s nice to look at, funny and he’s a “guy”. That means he leans toward giving the husband what he wants as opposed to the wife. Matt Meunster on Bath Crashers is a close second. He’s scruffy cute and he makes amazing bathrooms.
  • Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives – Guy Fieri can be irritating, but that doesn’t change the fact that the establishments he spotlights are pretty awesome. I don’t travel much (as I want), but I have eaten at two of the places he’s visited in Portland. I highly recommend the Byways Café in The Pearl.
  • Brad Meltzer’s Decoded – It is the ONLY History Channel “conspiracy” show that I can handle; mainly because it is intelligent. It relies on research and finding first-person accounts from people who don’t appear to own a Tin Foil Hat.


  • M*A*S*H – I catch this show on TV Land from time to time and it never fails.
  • The West Wing – I’m geeky when it comes to history and politics. I actually own Seasons 1-5 on DVD. When GW was president, I wished Jed Bartlet was… and now that Obama is President… I still wish Bartlet was.

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