Thursday, November 7, 2013

TMI Thursday: Lost & Found

lost boys


  • Do you tend to lose things only to find them later?
    • I’m kind of maniacal about keeping track of my things, so much so that I rarely lose things of value to me for very long.
  • Have you ever gone "shopping" in the Lost and Found?
    • Once I spotted a quality pair of football cleats in the lost & found. I kept my eye on them for a couple weeks before claiming them as my own.
  • Has a dog or other pet "followed" you home?
    • The best dog ever, Buster essentially “followed me home”. The poor malnourished, dirty yellow lab showed up at my workplace one day. After checking around, he came home with me and lived the rest of his days with my family.
  • thrift-shop-2-300x298How are you at finding a bargain?
    • I enjoy hitting yard sales and thrift shops to find treasures. I also research every purchase to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my buck.
  • How many times have you lost your wallet?
    • Twice… it’s not fun.
  • How do you find the time?
    • I organize my time by setting priorities. I use my calendar to prioritize deadlines to make sure I get things done when they are supposed to be done.
  • Have you found your soul mate? Do you think you ever will?
    • No, I’ve been feeling pretty cynical about it the last couple months. My biggest fear is dying alone.
  • standardsDo you have a lost love?
    • I wonder sometimes. I wonder if I’ve been too picky or had unreasonable expectations of things like honesty or respect from a past partner.
  • When did you lose your innocence?
    • Given the family I was spawned from… I don’t think I ever had it. I’m trying to make up for it by crusading for lost causes. !'ve been accused of writing “rainbows & unicorn case plans”.


  • When did you lose your virginity?
    • I lost it progressively through my teens and early-20’s, finishing the project at the age of 23.
  • How many times have you helped someone lose theirs?
    • Unknown

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  1. You should have added another question - You lost another 7 lbs this week and will soon be finding your waist. Congrats!