Thursday, October 10, 2013

TMI Thursday:

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy started it, now all the cool kids are doing it


  • How often and where do you listen to music?
    • I listen to music all the time. I use Spotify at home and I have an iPod dock on my desk at work. In the car, I mostly listen to NPR, but when that gets depressing I listen to the local Classic Rock station.
  • When was the last time you bought music in CD format?
    • I bought Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Project Vol. 1 in CD format… well, it came along with an appropriate purchase at one of those clothing stores my teenage daughters drag me into. I bought the clothes… I got to keep the CD.
  • web_ae__1_18_macklemore_qa__picA_-e1358516453434Do you buy complete albums or just a song at a time? Is this different now because of iTunes?
    • It depends. When I’m looking for a specific song I heard on Spotify or on the radio I’ll listen to other songs on the album to see if I like what I hear. The last album I bought on iTunes was The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
  • From who do you purchase your digital music?
    • Generally iTunes.
  • Do you listen to satellite or internet radio? How about Podcasts?
    • I subscribe to a couple podcasts, my favorite right now is the Shredz Workout Mix. It’s an hour of high-energy workout music, mixing modern and more familiar tunes. I use Spotify on my home computer. I’ve listened to Pandora and Slacker a couple times, but I don’t want to burn data if I can avoid it.
  • What are your favorite kinds of music?
    • I'm eclectic. My foundational music is classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s. I have a couple modern bands I enjoy and I’ve been known to bust out some Snoop Dogg along with Reba McEntire.
  • Today's music_____!
    • … is mostly crap, but there is a diamond in the pile from time to time.
  • What music is you guilty pleasure?
    • I listen to what I like… to me it’s all a guilty pleasure.
  • Have you heard a song recently that reminds you of someone?
    • A couple months ago I took my daughters to the Daddy-Daughter Dance. We had a great time until…. they played Butterfly Kisses. Daughter #1 just turned 18… the tears were flowing for both of us. She says, I remember when I was little and you used to sing that song.


  • shocked_faceDo you play music to set the mood?
    • I’m always in the mood.
  • Once it's set, what do you play to keep the action moving?
    • The music in the background of the porno is usually good to seal the deal.

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