Monday, September 9, 2013

Update: Weightloss Surgery

The ‘battle of the bulge’ has long been a challenge for me. I have tried countless plans and pills. The most successful period was chronicled on Rejected Reality Classic when I got my weight down into the mid 200’s. But that period was unsustainable because it mostly came because I was spending a great deal of time at the gym to avoid my failing marriage. Once I started grad school fall term 2008, I saw the weight creeping back on. By the time I graduated in June 2010, most of the weight was back.

I am lucky enough to work for an agency were the insurance covers weight loss surgery. I applied for and the surgery was deemed medically necessary due to the multiple diagnoses of sleep apnea, occasionally flirting with diabetes, occasional high blood pressure AND weighing over 400 lbs. I had my first appointment with the doctor in Portland on July 16 which included blood draws, a psychological test and an EEG. I also learned that I had to lose 20 lbs. before the surgery was scheduled. My official starting weight was 404 lbs. I returned home and set to monitoring my diet and going to the gym regularly.

On August 22, I found out my blood was deficient in Vitamins B12 and D and that I had lost 12 lbs. Oh, and I found that I wasn’t crazy.

My next appointment is on September 17… stay tuned.


  1. It's always nice for confirmation that we're not crazy. Especially after being told otherwise for years by the ex spouses....

    Keep up the good work. Let's get together for lunch one of these days. Somewhere healthy, though...

  2. I was wondering...thanks for the update.