Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday 9: Hakuna Matata

  1. Sam (the author of this meme) is crazy for The Lion King. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
    * If not The Lion King… then Finding Nemo

  2. The song tells us that Hakuna Matata "means no worries." Is something worrying you right now?
    * I’m trying to not do that… focus on today, you cannot change yesterday and tomorrow is not yet to be.
  3. Who is the most optimistic person you know?
    * Darrell… He has helped me to live in the now.
  4. Elton John wrote "Hakuna Matata" but didn't record it. Name a song Sir Elton is famous for singing.
    * I love Sir Elton…

  5. Can you play the piano?
    * I used to be able to play “Doe a deer…”
  6. Congratulations! You just won a guided African Safari Tour! 8 days in Zambia and Botswana for you and a friend. All expenses paid, and allowing you access to breathtaking, unforgettable sights. It takes at least 30 hours to get there, and before you go you'll need yellow fever and hepatitis vaccinations and medication to prevent malaria. Are you up for it?
    * Oh Hell YES! 130214193141-12-cruise-passengers-0214-horizontal-gallery
  7. There's been a mistake. You really won a 4-night Disney Bahamas Cruise for two. Are you relieved or disappointed that you'll be partying with a guy in a Simba suit on the Lido Deck instead of observing a real lion in the wild?
    * A bit… but as long as its not a Carnival Cruise.
  8. Let's bring this back to real life -- do you have any vacation plans?
    * I have TONS of plans… and dreams… but sadly, I’m under Court Ordered Poverty (AKA – Child Support).
  9. Describe your luggage. Is it durable and high quality? Or are you like Crazy Sam, who has been known to use an Old Navy shopping bag as her carry-on?
    * I have a lovely set of Walmart luggage. And I have been known to use an IKEA bag as carry-on.

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