Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday 9: Christmas Carols

  1. What's the first holiday song that comes to mind?
  2. Are you sending cards (either by postal service or email) this year? If so, have they gone out yet? Last year I bought cards, special festive pens, holiday stamps and wrote a personal sentiment to each of the friends on my mailing list. I only received four cards in return. This year, I am so unmotivated I just thought ‘fuck it’. So far I have not received a single holiday card. I guess other people are feeling the same way. .
  3. Can you see any holiday decorations from where you're answering these questions? Yes, my collection of Nutcrackers and a fully decorated tree.
  4. Do you wrap gifts in paper or take the gift bag route? I’ll go the gift bag route for gift exchanges and secret santa at work, but I’ll wrap gifts that go under the tree.
  5. The holidays are an important fundraising time for charities. Here's an opportunity to do a shameless plug for your favorite. What organization or cause do you wish got more support at the holidays, and all year around? Umatilla-Morrow Alternatives and Basic Rights Oregon. I regularly support the Western States Center and OPB throughout the year.
  6. Andy Williams was famous for his family holiday specials. What TV family would you most like to spend Christmas with? The Griswold’s 
  7. The holidays are a big time for travel. Where did you go on your first airplane flight? Sadly, my first airplane trip took me from Seattle to Boise for the funeral of my X-wife’s grandmother.
  8. Does the weather have an impact on your mood? I get grumpy when the weather gets too hot (over 100) or too cold (under 20)
  9. Snack time! You're about to make yourself your favorite sandwich. What ingredients do you need? Rye, pastrami, sauerkraut and russian dressing.

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  1. That's so sad about your cards! I checked out your favorite charities and they are impressive. You support some very worthy causes.