100 Reasons

If you look at Rejected Reality (classic), you will see that I blogged my weight loss journey 2006-08. With the divorce, grad school and the accompanying loss of funds, I gained it all back. I am currently embarking on the journey again, so once again I give you 100 reason why I want to lose weight.

Those of you on Facebook are already tracking my journey...

My 100 Reasons...
  1. To try and avoid the diseases that run in my family (cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  2. To be confident. 
  3. To look GOOD. 
  4. To not use food as a "crutch"
  5. To only eat when hungry
  6. To just live without a weightloss goal.
  7. To eliminate a few reasons for my low self-esteem
  8. To set a healthy example for my kids
  9. To feel SEXY... perhaps leading to more sex?
  10. To increase my energy level, so I can have more sex.
  11. To look better than I ever have
  12. To wear a swimsuit in public without fear.
  13. To feel SEXY wearing that swimsuit!
  14. To turn heads, and know that people are pitying or disgusted by me.
  15. To fit comfortably in a plane seat.
  16. To not feel like a beached whale at the water parks
  17. To actually enjoy shopping.
  18. To buy great clothes off the rack. 
  19. To be able to try new things without worrying that the rope would break
  20. To run a 5k... or a 10k and finish!!
  21. To have others look at me and think "Damn, I wish I (or my husband/boyfriend) looked like that".
  22. To ride a bike, and not worry that the tires look flat.
  23. To not be everyones funny fat friend
  24. To not have a double chin... flappy arms... jiggly thighs.
  25. To be a DILF
  26. To be able to wear the sexy outfits from Fort Troff (NSFW).
  27. To feel confident wearing those outfits.
  28. To feel comfortable when I'm with a smokin' hot guy.
  29. Did I mention the flappy arms?
  30. To be able to hold my own against my football playing son.
  31. To be able to lift weights with my son
  32. To be able to wear pants that show off my ass and package.
  33. To be a smokin hot Grandpa, whenever that day comes!
  34. To be able to play with that grandbaby..whenever that day comes!
  35. To show people that I can finally lose the weight and keep it off!
  36. To look in the mirror and not hate what I see
  37. To wear cute underwear, and not baggy boxers
  38. To be able to do yard work or wash the car without my shirt.
  39. To not have my thighs rub together
  40. To wear a belt for the look, not to keep my pants up.
  41. To actually find my abs!!
  42. To gain muscle definition
  43. To stop avoiding being photographed
  44. To be able do the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
  45. To be more flexible.. (my sexual partners will appreciate this one)
  46. To like who is looking back at me in the mirror
  47. To be able to tell the story of my journey and motivate them to change.
  48. To not avoid the scale
  49. To get rid of my chubby cheeks
  50. To have more energy and drive. 
  51. To go to the movies and sit in the seat comfortably
  52. To live a long and healthy life
  53. To have sex with the lights on... and maybe a video camera?
  54. To feel awesome naked
  55. To feel sexy
  56. To go on hikes without wheezing and paying the consequences in my knees for days afterwards.
  57. To dance in public
  58. To be able to try on any type of clothing in most every store.
  59. To be more stylish and wear clothes that accent and not hide this body
  60. To wear jeans that accent my ass-ets.
  61. To go to the doctor without getting the heavy sigh and a speech. 
  62. I've lived half my life like this, the second half needs to be amazing!
  63. As I age, I don't want to suffer degeneration due to obesity
  64. To stop being an emotional eater.
  65. To be able to live and enjoy life the way I want to, and be able to keep things balanced
  66. To look amazing in sexy underwear.
  67. To actually crave eating healthy
  68. Plus, to be able to have the occasional indulgence without going off the rails.
  69. Since we are on this number.. gain more confidence in the bedroom, and try new things, and feel confident doing that.
  70. To live medication free as I get older
  71. To live a life with a bit less negativity
  72. To crave exercise
  73. To feel good about myself
  74. Make my husband/boyfriend proud
  75. Make my kids proud and not be embarrassed that they have a "fat" dad
  76. To be able to bend over and tie my shoes without nearly passing out.
  77. To be lean
  78. To be toned
  79. To be comfortable in my own skin
  80. To not have to "dream" about being thin anymore
  81. To show everyone, if your determined, you can do anything
  82. To prove to people that you can always find time to take care of yourself
  83. A whole new wardrobe!
  84. Shorts that show off my tight ass and bulging calves
  85. To be able to love myself
  86. To show people that underneath all this padding... there is a SEXY BEAST!
  87. To travel the world and fit in the airplane seat.
  88. To have sex on the beach in in some tropical location. (you can believe that I'm talking about the drink, if you want)
  89. To say, "I actually never watch TV"
  90. To be able to crouch down (like a baseball catcher). 
  91. To be more positive
  92. To be more mentally tough
  93. To not crave fast food
  94. To be able to say no, when the snack table is filled with treats at work.
  95. To know it is ok, to indulge once in awhile, but not every day
  96. To not have back fat... or fat anywhere for that matter.
  97. To not have my knees and ankles crack as I get out of bed in the morning.
  98. To enjoy the full spectrum of sexual activity and not be confined to a single role.
  99. To look and feel good naked (I seemed to mention that a lot, didn't I?)
  100. I'm not saying that just losing this weight is going to make me any happier, or make me more confident..but I believe that it will open up a life filled with energy and improved self-esteem. We'll see what the next couple years holds as I work towards this goal.
I am so glad to have many friends here and in the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

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